DIY Terrariums

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be explaining how I made my own terrariums. I started on this project when I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this idea popping up often. When I first saw the word “terrarium” an image of a dark night sky and constellations came to mind… surprise to me  that is actually called a  planetarium and terrariums have to do with plants. So now I was interested in this crazy new revelation and decided I was indeed going to make my own terrariums.  Another surprise to me… making my own terrarium was a little harder than I thought. Don’t get me wrong they were fairly simple for a person like me who had ZERO experience with plants but my idea of them turning out picture perfect didn’t pan out either. However, I had a really fun time putting these together and I think they are great  for adding a little life into a room .

Above are the terrariums I made as well as some of the products I used. Overall this project cost me about $35 to make three terrariums so I would say that’s a good price for a fun project, This is a great idea for something to do with friends or something to do alone for some relaxation time.


 1 Cactus: $3.98 (Lowes)

 4 Succulents: $15.44 ( Lowes and Home Depot)

 1 bag of Miracle Gro Cactus Soil: $4.77 (Lowes)

 2 bags of rocks: $2.00 (Dollar Tree)

2 bags of pebbles: $2.00 (Dollar Tree)

1 bag of reindeer moss: $1.00 (Dollar Tree)

1 mason jar: Already had this at home but they are available at most dollar stores.

1 small glass bowl: $1.00 (Dollar Tree)

1 garden dish: $6.41 (Michaels)

Grand Total: $36.60


 Step 1: First I layered the rock at the bottom of the container. Doing this helps drainage so the plant is not absorbing too much water. My rocks that I chose varied from large to medium size so it really just comes down to preference.

Step 2: Next I put the cactus soil in. I thought that when I put the soil in it would sit on top of the rocks to create a cool layered look but that was not the case. The soil covered the rock for all of my terrariums so if you know a trick to prevent that please let me know!

Step 3: After the soil I put the plants in. This was probably the hardest part since the soil is so dry you really have to dig a hole for the plants and kind of jam it in there. After I finally got them in I had to cover them with more soil so all of the roots were covered. I added a little bit of water to help it stick and it seemed to work.

Step 4:  Lastly, I topped it off with either some pebbles, extra rock, or moss. I think this is what really makes it look lively and decorative. I saw some really creative ideas to decorate terrariums so I’m going to put the link to those at the bottom!


After this project I learned a few things about terrariums. First of all, DO NOT  leave them outside in the sun for too long. They will get sunburn as mine did after I left them outside for a few days. They need to be gradually put into bright light. They cannot be watered to much but when you feel their soil is dry then it is time to water.  Also make sure you choose the right size plants for your container. As you can see my plants stick out of my terrariums, which is fine, but most terrariums have their plants sitting inside the container so they are not sticking out at all. Next time I do this I will also add some other layers like sand and charcoal. Overall it was a really fun project and got my creativity flowing. I’ll definitely be doing this again. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you all have a delightful day!

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