TWO WEEKS IN DUBLIN: Update and First Impressions


Hi Everyone!

If you don’t follow me on other social networks you may not be aware that I have changed locations for a little while. For the next four months I’ll be studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I am so excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what living in a different country has in store. I’ll be doing updates here on Delightful Days, but I’m happy to say I will also be doing vlog updates on YouTube! I think this is a great way for me to share my experiences with everyone, as well as try out a new platform.  Today I wanted to update you all on how things have been going as well as  chat about some first impressions I’ve gained after my first two weeks in Ireland. Most of these are quite menial but it’s humorous to see how much tiny changes can impact your experiences!

Scroll down to see my update and first impressions of Ireland!



 Thus far, everything is going smoothly in Ireland! There have been a few bumps in the road but nothing to complain about. Being in a different country is like a breathe of fresh air and it’s eye opening to see how another culture lives. I have learned that Ireland is very similar to the U.S in many ways but it also has plenty of differences. The Irish are very proud of where they come from as well as their heritage. It is warming to see how much these people love their home. For being as small of a country as it is, there is plenty to do in Ireland. Whether you are a fast moving  city person or prefer the more relaxed country roads, there is something for everyone. The people are as nice and helpful as what I had heard, but of course there is the select few that like to break that stereotype. The city of Dublin has an amazing night life with delicious restaurants at every corner and an almost guaranteed singing performances at every pub. The city vibes are contagious and it is hard to get yourself to go home at the end of the night. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better start to this trip and I am looking forward for what’s to come!


First Impressions

    • Everything is smaller (cars, buildings, streets, parking spaces, houses, yards)
    • The sinks have two faucets, one for hot and one for cold versus just one sink
    • Toilets have a more circular shape (funny but so true)
    • American college students dress much more casual on a daily basis
    • Different style in general (think bomber jackets, joggers, blanket scarfs kind of style)
    • Majority of people are much thinner than the majority in the U.S
    • Europeans are very interested in America and especially American politics
    • Americans distinguish coffee as latte, mocha, etc. Where the Irish refer to all types as just coffee, and black coffee as Americano.
    • Anything Adidas is a staple item
    • There are grocery stores in some shopping malls (different but useful)
    • Smoking is much more popular
    • The word cheers” can mean just about anything and is said after almost every exchange.
    • Girls seem to wear much more makeup
  • They use more pet names such as “lovely” and “darling” (My favorite part of Ireland I think)


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