My Three-Day Trip to England

London is one of those places that is just obligatory to see when in Europe. With all of the  famous sights within minutes of each other there’s no reason not to see it all. In a day and a half we saw Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, King’s Cross Station, Picadilly Circus, and Borough Market. We did not go inside most of them, but just seeing the sights was enough for us.



There will be a bunch of stereotypical, red double decker tour buses driving around offering tours for about 35 pounds ($45). These are great for anyone incapable of walking or wanting to take the easy route, but I felt I got so much more from the experience by walking and taking the underground (Also saved a lot of money!). Did we get lost? Oh yes, but thats what made the trip memorable! No worries, you’ll be a pro at the tube in no time.



My favorite had to be Borough Market. This place was INCREDIBLE. This is like my hometown farmers market on steroids. You can get basically anything you want here. I opted for the halloumi bowl filled with fresh greens, rice, halloumi, and homemade barbecue and tahiki sauces. For meat lovers they even had kangaroo and ostrich burgers.


King Cross’s Station

For those who don’t know, King’s Cross Station is what holds the infamous platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. There was a pretty long line to get a picture pushing your way into the world of magic, so we just stopped in the gift store instead.


London is the typical must see for people who visit England, but my imperative destination was Brighton. I first learned of this cute seaside town when my favorite Youtuber and blogger, Zoella, moved here. I even went to her favorite donut shop (Dum Dum Donuts). Brighton looked too adorable to miss and I secretly (or not so secretly) hoped I might get a glimpse of Zoe. It was also helpful that Brighton was just an hour train ride from London, making it an easy day trip. Although I did not see my celeb crush I still undoubtedly fell in love with Brighton. London is bustling with excitement, but Brighton was the place that stole my heart.


It seemed like the people here were so happy! It’s a town populated by mostly millennials, with health food stores and vintage shops galore. Even all the streets are decorated, creating such a fun, kid-like atmosphere. I had the BEST avocado toast ever at a place called Bills. Highly recommend. Besides the cute shops and restaurants, there is much fun to come from walking the pier or chilling out on the beach.


England was such a fun and fast-moving trip and I cannot wait to go again! I can even say it is a country I would consider moving to one day. I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments of some of your favorite places to visit!

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