Cheers to 21 Years!!

Twenty-one years old! How crazy is that!


It’s not only the things you can do when you’re 21 but it’s the novelty of the age. It’s an age that you wait what seems like forever for and then suddenly boom here it is! It just shows how fast time really does fly. If you’re waiting for a special event or something exciting to happen my advice is to enjoy the process and enjoy the journey because before you know it whatever it is will be here and gone. For my 21st I really wanted to do some sort of bday post. I realized I never really share personal information about myself on Delightful Days so I’ve decided to share 21 facts about myself with all of you! I also figured this will be great to look back on when I’m old and wrinkly and can see how much my life has evolved. Cheers to 21 years!

1.) I am from a small city in Ohio and will be a senior at Ohio University.

2) My favorite flowers are daisies.

4.) When I was younger my bedroom was yellow, lime green, and pink (we all make mistakes)

5.) I am a huge procrastinator.

6.) My favorite book is Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.

7.) Besides the U.S I have been to 10 different countries.

8.) When I was 16 I crashed my car (after having it for only 3 days) into a small tree (I was fine) and haven’t lived it down since.

9.) I struggle with being a perfectionist and always feel like I could be doing more.

10.) My first job was at a bouncy house party center and I had to wear an”astronaut” suit because the theme was space.


11.) I am a super goofy, silly, and weird person which is probably what I love most about myself.

12.) I have a tattoo on my side of the North Star that I got when I studied in Ireland.

13.) I have two sisters.

14.) I am such a foodie but have been experiencing stomach issues which has made life quite annoying and a pain in my butt lately.

15.) I was a figure skater for seven years.

16.) I’m not necessarily a religious person but I am very spiritual. I believe in a higher power and I am always interested about the Universe.

17.) I am a constant over thinker.

18.) I LOVE dancing. If there’s a dance floor I’m there.

19.) I really enjoy the outdoors and being active.

20.) Growing up I loved singing (even though I sound like a dying animal) and wrote a whole song about a chicken.

21.) I have no idea what I want to do after graduation, but I know that in this moment I’m right where I need to be in life.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting my page! I truly appreciate anyone who stops by. For more Delightful Days don’t forget to check out my Instagram @delightfuldaysblog!

Have a Delightful Day,


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