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Spring is officially here!

It’s still freezing cold and snowing some days in Ohio, but the facts don’t lie and it is indeed Spring. Spring for me means fresh air, spring cleaning, and…cardigans!

I would describe my personal style as simple and minimalist most days. I’ve always been happiest in jeans and a t-shirt, but there are a few things I like to add to give it more of my own personal twist. This style is simple, comfortable, and easily adaptable to any occasion. The pieces can also be mix and matched, making picking outfits on lazy mornings much easier.

1.) Mom Jeans


I absolutely love the mom jean trend and am hoping it sticks around for a while! I really enjoy the fit and think they’re super easy to pair with slouchy tee’s or tank tops. These mom jeans are from Pac Sun, but it seems like you can find a pair of these anywhere now a days. Just make sure you try them on first, because they tend to fit very differently from store to store.

2.) Cardigan


In my opinion, cardigans are comparable to the little black dress; they never go out of style! They’re easy to throw on and can be found at most retail stores. They come in so many different lengths, fabrics, and colors so they’re perfect for anyone. Lately I’ve been gravitating more towards the oversized, chunky sweater look, so this cardigan worked really well for me.

3.) Basic Tank Top


This is the minimalist piece that I just about always have in my closet. You can get them for super inexpensive at stores like Old Navy and Forever 21, and again they will most likely come in many different styles and colors! These are so fun to layer and can be utilized in any season.

4.) Minimalist Accessories


This has to be my favorite part of styling this outfit! I’ve never been much of a flashy, jewelry wearer, but I do like simple necklaces and rings that can be stacked or layered. Another item that I’ve been loving and wearing just about everyday is my new wooden watch from JORD watches! Honestly, I don’t think I have ever owned a watch purely for the fact that I never felt that a watch fit with my style. However, this watch is so unique, earthy, and minimalist, that I’ve been wanting to add it to every outfit. I also was able to utilize the engraving option and have my initials put it on the back! I thought engraving was such a cool feature and had to take advantage of it. I have also paired up with JORD Watches to host a $100 giveaway for one lucky winner! As a consolation prize, everyone who enters will get 10% off code for their first JORD purchase!

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5.) Sneakers


I’m still sporting my worn out Adidas’s, but there are have been so many cool sneakers out lately. Pairing this outfit with sneakers is great if you’re out for the day and still want to be both comfortable and stylish. If you’re in the market for new shoes, check out these and these!

Thank you guys for stopping by Delightful-Days! I hope this gave you some inspo on your Spring style!

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