5 Items You DON’T Need If You’re A Broke Twenty-Something


What is up with what’s up?! (yup definitely going to be that embarrassing mom). 

Today I feel like I’m doing things a little backward. Usually, bloggers promote their favorite products or let you know what they’ve been purchasing. However, I’m about to tell you what NOT to buy. Fun, right?

As you may know, I recently lived in Boston for a few months as an intern, where I had an absolutely, freaking awesome experience. However, throughout this crazy awesome experience, I was also broke af, giving me some insight on what the real necessities are. I learned that our consumeristic society makes us believe we need a lot of things when in fact, we simply don’t need them, but just really really want them. This is a list of what I learned I didn’t need 24/7, however, the accuracy of this list also depends on your priorities and what you need to be comfortable in your daily life. So if you’re a broke twenty-something-year-old looking for a few things you could remove from your life, take a peek down below!

1.) Paper Towels

I know what you’re thinking, “what?!”, I can’t live without paper towels, how will I wipe my hands or clean anything up? That’s exactly what I thought until I ran out of paper towels and procrastinated buying them for a month. I was surprised to find that towels or reusable rags work just as well AND they’re better for the environment.

2.) Fancy Body Wash

I absolutely love Bath and Body Works wonderful smelling body washes, but man they can be expensive when there’s always the option of a simple bar soap. The price comparison between the two is about $1.03 for a bar of Dove soap and $12.50 for a Bath and Body Works shower gel.

3.) Room Decorations

My bedroom environment has always been super important to me so don’t think I was just sitting around in a plain, boring room. My advice is to choose maybe two or three decorations that you think would make you feel at home. For me, that was twinkle lights, plants, and candles. Just adding those few things made me feel a little more at home and didn’t clutter my room or break the bank.

4.) Makeup Wipes

This wasn’t intended to be an environmentally friendly sort of post but you should take a second to think about how many makeup wipes you use and throw away a month. If you’re anything like me, that number is probably pretty high. I’ve started to use coconut oil to remove my makeup and then wipe it away with a washcloth and it lasts much longer,  is less expensive, and is better for the environment. They also sell reusable makeup wipes now that are another good option.

5.) Air Conditioning

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I complained ALL summer about the heat and not having AC. In the long run, it definitely would have been worth it to purchase a window unit, but I did survive without it, which means you can too. I would recommend trying to live without it for a few weeks, but if it’s dampering your mood and preventing you from being comfortable in your own apartment/house, then you should consider making the investment and purchasing one.

There it is folks, FIVE things you can live without, whether temporary or permanent, to help you save money for the better things in life. Items like air conditioning and room decorations will most likely be temporary for me, but this time period also gave me the chance to realize that I really don’t need to use a paper towel every single time there’s a little spot or use a pack-full of makeup wipes a month. Making these small changes will help give you the flexibility to go out with friends, plan fun trips, and make purchases that you truly value.

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