My Story

Welcome to Delightful Days! Optimist and lover of food, travel, wellness, and beauty, I’m here to share everything delightful. I started this little space during my sophomore year of college and here I am holding down the fort almost three years later! My blog was developed at a time when I was realizing there is SO much more than meets the eye and that life is all about creating your own narrative. It’s about the everyday adventure, challenges, and growth… but the best part is that we have control of ALL of it. My blog has been a very big chapter in my narrative and has developed alongside myself. I started out thinking I would post things about fashion, beauty and all of my fancy DIY creations (I soon realized crafting is not a skill of mine), but after attempting this for a while I realized my passion lies much more so in living intentionally and doing everything possible to create a life you love.

So now this is where you’ll find my twenty-something life journey. From the hidden gems I find to my favorite recipes and life moments, I’ll be sharing it all with you! Stay tuned and..

Have a Delightful Day,